What is JAI-SDK?#


JAI is the easiest way for developers to build, publish and integrate AI solutions

  • Made for developers of all levels of expertise – even if they aren’t data scientists

  • Scalable models up and running in minutes, not months

  • Works reliably with real-world, messy data

  • Allows easy integration across different technology stacks

JAI accomplishes this mission by:

  1. Simplifying the complex, messy world of data science in three simple methods for building and integrating AI solutions.

  2. Providing the necessary environment and processment power (e.g. GPU) to access powerful Deep Learning models, without requiring specific knowledge

  3. Enabling end-users to conjugate multimodal data sources (text, images, and tabular) and build solutions even with little machine learning knowledge

  4. Enabling data sharing without compromising confidentiality through meaningful vector sharing (a structure that encrypts the data without the possibility of reconstructing the original information)

  5. No time lost in writing boilerplatecode.

Why Use JAI?

JAI simplifies ML-based solution lifecycle these tasks so that you can focus on building problem-solving strategies.

  • Developers can get started quicky (<1 min) and for free

  • JAI automates data conversion into machine format

  • Building new AI features leverages previous ones, leading to a much smaller time-to-production

  • JAI results are traceable and easier to debug

  • Model performance is robust to real-world data

  • Deploying AI into production is literally just one line of code away

Check Getting Started to get an overview of how to work with JAI and, also, see JAI in 5 Minutes to obtain more information about using some of JAI’s features.


JAI is more than a framework to build AI-based solutions but also an active community of developers, researchers, and folks that love machine learning. Here’s a list of tips for getting involved with the JAI community:


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